Doodling for beginners

מצטערים, ההרשמה הסתיימה.

In this workshop we'll learn the great secrets of doodling. We will use only basic shapes, such as a circle and a straight line, in order to create amazing patterns.

  • תאריך: 27/02/2021 11:30
  • מקום: אירוע מקוון

מחיר: 45


A hands-on training with live demonstration.

Each participant will receive (via email) detailed instructions in addition to aids to use during the workshop.

The 2nd part of the workshop will be dedicated to preparing an art work, based on the things exercised in the 1st part.

The workshop is suitable for parents, children (9+ can manage without help), senior citizens, youth - or anyone with a pen and a paper 😛

There NO need for any kind of experience or knowledge in art, proven talent or creativity.