Haute Couture - English speaking workshop

מצטערים, ההרשמה הסתיימה.

A unique workshop in which you learn how to design amazing cloths, using only paper products and an image from a magazine. Designed for anyone - no need for any experience, art knowledge or proven talent.

  • תאריך: 03/04/2021 11:00
  • מקום: אירוע מקוון

מחיר: 45


In this Haute couture workshop you will prepare a beautiful piece of artwork.
You will work with a verity of materials - different kinds of paper, magazines, markers, glue, colorful printed napkins and more.
All materials will be used in order to create a unique design of an outfit for the figure you'll be using and for creating an amazing background for it as well.
The background process is presented first and then we will move on to the next part, in which each of you will choose a figure and them decide on the outfit to design.
The "clothes" will be made all from paper materials.
Last part will be dedicated to final touches with markers, glitter, printed words / sayings and more to enhance your beautiful creation.